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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) can help with:


•Musculoskeletal issues, including chronic pain, TMJ, whiplash


•Stress Management

•Overwhelm, Overwork, and Overload

•Digestive Problems

•Residual Trauma (accidents / injuries, medical procedures, dental work, or birth)

•Pre and Post-Surgery

•Pregnancy and Postpartum

•Chronic illness


                                                  ... and more


Cranio Sacral Therapy sessions offered in Santa Monica and the Los Angeles area. For information and to schedule an appointment click contact.


The word biodynamic refers to a natural order and rhythm in the tissues of the body, comparable to the waves of the ocean....


The words cranio & sacral refer to the central nervous system which lay between the sacrum and the cranium bones, connected by the spinal cord.



Craniosacral Therapy Santa Monica